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Success Stories 'On behalf of myself, my purchasing staff, Northrop and NASA, I would like to once again thank you for the outstanding support you have provided us over the years. It has been an extreme pleasure working with you.'
— J.R. Campbell, Director, Logistics
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 This is a short list of tools that are commonly used.  Sun Air has a large inventory of tools for the Pratt & Whitney engines.  Please call or fax us for additional tools needed    Phone  661-257-7708 or Fax  661-257-7710

  Part No. Product Name Order Qty Option Price
N/A American Bosch SB9RU3 Magneto Parts & Service Inst N/A $25.00 Each
N/A Engine Lifting Eye R985/ R1340/ R1820/ R1830/ R2000 N/A $150.00 Each
N/A R985 or R1340 Top Overhaul Tool Kit R985 $250.00 Each
R1340 $250.00 Each
N/A R1830 Top Overhaul Tool Kit 1830 $350.00 Each
2000 $350.00 Each
N/A R2800 Top Overhaul Tool Kit N/A $350.00 Each
various Intake Pipe Nut Wrench - Crows Foot R985 p/n PWA1500 $95.00 Each
R1340 p/n PWA1399 $95.00 Each
R1830 p/n PWA1399 $95.00 Each
R2000 p/n PWA1399 $95.00 Each
2800 $95.00 Each
PWA1657 Push Rod Cover Nut Wrench - Crows Foot Fits All $25.00 Each
PWA3174 Push Rod Cover Nut Wrench - Heavy duty w/handle N/A $75.00 Each
PWA455 Rocker Arm Depressor 15" Long Fits All $45.00 Each
N/A 17" Long Cylinder Base Wrench 9/16" Fits All with 9/16" nuts $90.00 Each
PWA2399 9/16" Cylinder Base Nut Wrench 6-1/2" long 1/2" made drive Fits 1830 & 2000 $90.00 Each
PWA2397 9/16" Cylinder Base Nut Wrench 1/2" male drive bent for blind spots Fits 1830 & 2000 $90.00 Each
PWA2411 Handle for PWA2006, PWA2399, PWA2397, bent with 1/2" female ends Fits 1830, 2000 & 2800 $75.00 Each
PWA459 2-piece Valve Spring Depressor Fits All $75.00 Each
PWA1392 Push Rod Depressor Socket Fits All $25.00 Each
various Little Giant Wrench R985 p/n 2D30 $125.00 Each
R1340 p/n 12D40 $125.00 Each
HSP1088 Prop Nut Wrench - to remove propeller R985 p/n HSP1088 $155.00 Each
HSP1089 Prop Nut Wrench - to remove propeller R1340 p/n HSP1089 $170.00 Each
PWA37 Engine Sling - to install engine on aircraft 985 $295.00 Each
1340 $295.00 Each
various Engine Turning Bar R985 p/n PWA112 $195.00 Each
R1340 p/n PWA155 $195.00 Each
R1830 p/n PWA197 $195.00 Each
N/A Time-Rite Kit - Complete Kit for Precision Engine Timing N/A $395.00 Each
DZUZ Driver Original WWII Made in the U.S.A. N/A $15.00 Each
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