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Success Stories 'Aero Recip has been dealing with Sun Air Parts for more than 20 years, and early on, we found that Sun Air's staff are some of the most knowledgeable people in the business when it comes to the Pratt & Whitney Radial Engines. Sun Air's dedication to the radial engine is undeniable. They carry an extensive inventory of parts and have FAA-PMA Approval to manufacture parts that are no longer available on the surplus market. Their service to us has always been fast and very friendly. Over the years we have maintained a great working relationship with Sun Air, and that has developed into a friendship that goes beyond the Radial Engine business.'
— Alvin Gregorash, President
Aero Recip
Sun Air Parts
26007 Huntington Lane
Valencia, CA. 91355
PH: (661) 257-7708
FAX: (661) 257-7710

Gaskets, Seals, & Gasket Kits

  Part No. Product Name Order Qty Option Price
230625 Late Governor Gasket (with stainless steel screen) Fits All (except 985) $22.50 Each
121839 Push Rod Tube Seal Fits All $2.00 Each
121839S Split Push Rod Tube Seal - to replace w/out removal of push rod Fits All $2.50 Each
14096 Push Rod Tube Packing Fits All $1.50 Each
various Thick Rocker Box cover Gasket (Non-leaking) R985 p/n 90560 $1.75 Each
R1340 p/n 88962 $1.75 Each
R1830 p/n 88962 $1.75 Each
R2000 p/n 88962 $1.75 Each
N/A Cylinder Change Gasket & Seal Set (For 1 cylinder) 985 $12.50 Each
1340 $12.50 Each
N/A Complete Engine Major Overhaul Gasket Kit-R985 R985 $225.00 Each
R1340 $225.00 Each
N/A Complete Engine Major Overhaul Gasket Kit-R1340 N/A $250.00 Each
N/A Blow Hard Exhaust Gaskets with special Nuts - Set of 18ea 985 only $190.00 Set
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